• Jackson Gibbs: You got a court order for a five-year-old?
  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Five-and-three-quarters.
"sure, they’ve sent probes to every planet except pluto although pluto’s not officially a planet any more, which really bums me out."
chuck bartowski
"i want to look hot, but also threatening, like, ‘cheat on me again, and I will cut you.’"
ashleigh howard
"just hold me, ok? that will help me."
hanna marin
  • Emily: Ok stop. Now I feel like we're in a bad place.
  • Spencer: We're in my living room, Emily. We are holding a coat.
"i admit: i like to live life in the gray area, but the way i feel about you is crystal clear."
maya st. germain
  • cappie: That's because the Kappa Tau's still remember what it's like to have fun. You know, fun, Evs. F, U...
  • evan: N?
  • cappie: Nope, that's it.
  • cody: exactly where did you get your teaching credentials?
  • tutweiler: the university of none of your business.
  • bailey: i bet she barely got in.
"can you not interrupt me while i’m waving to my friend? thank you."